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Moving Tips & Suggestions

Organization and preparedness make a move cost-effective and efficient.

Before We Arrive:

  • Move Lamps, Lampshades, Pictures, Hanging Clothes, Plants, Electronic Equipment, Liquids, Flammables and Yourself (if Possible)
  • Make Sure All Boxes Are Closed & Taped on the Top & Bottom (Required)
  • Label All Boxes (Required)
Moving Tips - Troy's Moving & Storage - Lowell, MA


Reserve the elevator if necessary. Advise us of any time limitations.


To ensure an efficient move, please park your car(s) or place barrels out in front of your residence to secure a 30-40 foot space. The rear of the truck should be in line with the door used for loading.

Any parking fines received while loading or unloading your belongings are added to your bill. It is your responsibility to make sure all walks are free of snow and ice. If this is not possible, please advise our office and the crew will arrive prepared to clean them.

Friendly Reminder

Bulky items from your old residence may present difficulties moving into your new property.


Not only does a good packing job protect your belongings, it also makes moving into your new home much easier. We require you to pack all items into boxes, since it is the safest way to transport.

If you need assistance packing, let Troy's Moving & Storage help you. Our professional crews are fast, yet careful. If you choose to pack yourself, we offer packing containers suited to all your needs. Your relocation consultant will help you select the appropriate packing materials for your move.


Please label all boxes on the top and at least on one of the sides with felt-tip markers. Include "heavy" or "fragile" along with the room destination of each box. Unmarked boxes cause unnecessary delays.

To avoid confusion, cleary mark items not being packed or moved and place aside. Label items going to different destinations with color-coded stickers or different colored markers. Planning the layout of your new home saves valuable time on the move day.

Box Deliveries

Depending on your schedule, you can either come into our office to pick up boxes or arrange for delivery. We recommend you order more boxes than you think you will need. On the day of the move, you are only charged for what you have used.

Important Points to Review

Troy's Moving & Storage is not liable for lamps, lampshades, artwork, pictures, mirrors, plants, statues and flat screen or plasma TVs, that are not boxed by us. If you do not have boxes for these items, please contact our office before the move, so that appropriate materials are delivered prior to or on the day of the move.

Electronic Equipment

We are also not liable for the mechanical conditions of electronics. If available, please use original packing boxes or request us to pack them for you. (Flat screen TVs), we require that all flat screen TVs are packed into the original boxes due to the fragileity or moved by the customer (if possible). However, we do offer a packing service for flat screen TVs or plasmas, inquire within.

Furniture Disassembly

Some awkward or large pieces must be disassembled prior to moving. Armoires, large wall units, platform beds, dining room tables, and cribs are examples. Please advise your relocation consultant whether you would like us to come equipped with a tool kit to disassemble and reassemble beds.


Hanging clothes are removed by our crews and placed in wardrobe boxes, then rehung at your new residence. Boxes are available for rental.


We do request that all dressers and furniture are emptied. However, you may leave clothing only inside of furniture, no valuables, no breakables. We would prefer that you empty all furniture, because it makes it easier to carry and maneuver.

File Cabinets

Lateral and wooden vertical files must be emptied.

Brooms, Rakes, Skis, etc.

Tape all long-handled items together.

Refrigerator & Freezer

Defrost and remove ice trays and other loose items. Please pack perishables by the time the crew arrives on the move day.


Empty all aquariums prior to moving day.

Barbecue Grills

Grills must be emptied and cleaned. We cannot transport propane tanks on gas grills.

Washers and Dryers

We can disconnect and reconnect all washers and dryers, however, if you have a gas dryer contact a local plumber.

Flammables & Firearms

We are prohibited by law from transporting these items. All gasoline and propane equipment must be drained according to code. Also, grease and/or oil must be removed.
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